Neba - New Era Boys Academy is a non-profit organisation that was was founded in November 2013 at Goals Soccer centre in the Evington area of Leicester.

Originally New Era Fc which was a 5- a side team formed by Efaz and friends in 2012. New era fc won everything there was to be won in the Wednesday league.

Efaz (head coach/manager) suffers from glaucoma which is a condition that deteriorates the vision in the eye and results in blindness. He had a major eye operation in February 2013 along with 7 follow up's due to complications. He was told that he could never play football again but he recovered and entered an under 18's team in Thursday Division 1. Efaz had another minor operation mid season and was out for 4 weeks. Efaz made a comeback and won the league 3 points clear from 2nd position.

In September 2013 Efaz took a few young family members down to Goals to spend time with them and play football.

With no intention, people turned up weekly and numbers gradually grew. The group entered a tournament & got to the finals. From then Efaz decided to call this ...NEBA (New Era Boys Academy).

The aim of this project is to give young people the opportunity to keep occupied and off the streets.

Tackle challenging behaviour and help develop them into mature young adults.

Identify strengths, skills, qualities & talents of young people and bring positivity around their natural ability.

Use a mentoring approach to young people and identify personal issues which may prevent them to focus. Using psychology as well as physical exercise to develop their minds & teach players how to perform to the best of their ability.

"I haven't lived in the most luxurious conditions but I have been knocked down many times in life. I have faced the light of death and been through tough experiences, this makes me the man I am today"

Efaz M Ahmed


We offer a 1 to 1 mentoring service / home visits which allows young people and their parents to seek professional advice and support with school, work, personal issues etc.